PM Emil Boc: A new law for SMEs is called for

Prime Minister Emil Boc said on Tuesday after the meeting of the National Tripartite Council for Social Dialogue that a new law for small and medium enterprises (SME) is necessary.

emil boc"The main topic was related to the Romanian people's jobs. It is a major topic of interest for both the employers and the trade unions. The following conclusions can be derived from it, namely the need for a new law for the SMEs to implement the European requirements in the Small Business Act, that is, the improvement and the update of the legislation of the SMEs and the incentives they might get from the state to support jobs," the prime minister said.

Boc showed that the Government adopted some of the proposals made by employers, including the reduction of the period a company can be created to three days, the extra financial support given to newly-created companies or to young businessmen, using the state guarantees and Government aids, including here the de minimis aid plans from the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Economy to support the companies which create jobs.

Boc said that an impact analysis will be made for the other proposals which were not adopted by the Government, and the results will be passed on to the employers' unions.

"I believe the purpose of these talks was reached, that of coming up with new ideas to create new jobs and to try by all means as a state to ease the harsh period the Romanians are going through, ensuring they will maintain their jobs and some new jobs will be created," the prime minister said.

The meeting of the National Tripartite Council was held on Tuesday at the Palace of Parliament, where only the employers' unions accepted to take part in the working meeting with Prime Minister Emil Boc.

Minister of Labour and Welfare Sulfina Barbu and Minister of Public Finance Gheorghe Ialomitianu was present at the Council meeting.

The National Tripartite Council for Social Dialogue was created in late October 2011. It is made of representatives of the Government, the National Bank of Romania, the trade unions' and the employers' unions' representatives. The Tuesday meeting is the third since its creation.


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