Minus 32.5 degrees Celsius at Intorsura Buzaului

This morning, the first day of the month of February, it was 32.5 degrees Celsius at Intorsura Buzaului (north-east of Bucharest), the lowest air temperature this year.

Intorsura Buzaului Weather forecasters working with the weather station at Intorsura Buzaului said that the temperature was even lower on the ground: minus 34 degrees Celsius.

This was the fifth day in a row when the air temperature fell below 26 degrees in Covasna County (central Romania).

The lowest temperature in the past half of the year in Covasna County was minus 35.8 degrees Celsius on February 8, 2005, at Intorsura Buzaului, a record that had no longer been set since 1939.

The lowest temperature in Romania was minus 38.5 degrees Celsius at Bod, in Brasov Depression (central Romania), on January 24, 1942.AGERPRES

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