600-plus people protesting in University Plaza

More than 600 people are protesting on Tuesday night in University Plaza in Bucharest, in the area surrounding the National Theatre, spokesperson of the General Department of Gendarmes of Bucharest Georgian Enache told Agerpres.

protests 5th day-main

"From the latest estimations of the Ministry of Administration and the Interior, there were more than 600 people in the University Plaza at 6 pm," said Georgian Enache.

protests 5th daySame as the prior days, the protesters are chanting anti-presidential and anti-government slogans, bearing boards and flags.

Georgian Enache said that there have been no incidents so far, that the people are protesting in a peaceful and civilized manner, shouting out their frustrations, and that the gendarmes are present to prevent the possible acts of public disturbance.

"We are sending the same appeal to those present to point out for us if there are groups of people among them who have nothing to do with their requests and demands and have other intentions, and to call for aid to the gendarmes or the law enforcement troops present every time they need something," Georgian Enache said. AGERPRES